Voting percentage off from 2008 high

More Georgians voted this presidential election year than in any prequel, sure.  But there are also more Georgians than ever.

By a little back-of-the-envelope calculation with numbers so far, it looks like Georgia voting is a few points off its 2008 high.

The total number of 2016 votes isn’t in yet. The Georgia Secretary of State says there were at least 4,045,613 votes cast. And the feds say there are 7,168,068 voting-age Georgia citizens. (Data downloaded Nov. 9.  It’s got a remarkably small margin of error.)

So if those 2016 numbers hold, yea, that puts us at about 56.4 percent of voting-age Georgia citizens casting a ballot.

The earlier numbers in this graph, 1988 through 2012, come from the U.S. Census dataset called Historical Reported Voting Rates.

Hover or click on a dot to see the year and percent.

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