Top ten refugee resettlement cities in Georgia

It would make some sense that Georgia’s biggest city also hosts the most new refugees moving to the state.  Decatur, Clarkston and Stone Mountain come next.

Lately, there’s been hubbub over Syrian refugees, as Republican Gov. Nathan Deal has directed state agencies not to help settle any more folks from Syria.  The last word on that from the AG’s office is that might be a hard position to defend in court.

But really, there are relatively few refugees moving to Georgia. For reference, our population is about 10 million.

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January 1, 2002 through November 30, 2015.
Total: 31,421 people


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Source: Refugee Processing Center. The Refugee Processing Center (RPC) is operated by the U.S Department of State (DOS) Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) in the Rosslyn section of Arlington, Virginia USA.

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