The curious graph of federal student loans at Georgia schools

Here’s a new graph to answer no questions about federal student loans awarded at Georgia schools in 2013.  Instead, it’s meant to provoke them.  Like, sorry I’m ignorant, but what is South University?  And wow, there are more people going in hock for art school than for Georgia Tech.

Click on the graph for a full view that doesn’t cut off any words.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.11.07 PM



















Data source is federal Department of Education.

Nerd footnotes:

Of course, as usual, thanks for all the friendly D3 folks out there, especially on Google’s D3 group.

The graph is based on the canonical grouped bar chart example by Mike Bostock.

And incorporates a nifty text wrap solution by IsidroGH.

My own untidied code is here, on bl.ocks.

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