Special election donations near half-million dollars

Spend tens of thousands of dollars to win a one-year gig that pays $17,341.68?


On July 14, we got four special elections for newly-vacant seats in the Georgia state House.

Each term will last one year.

And bonus, in each of these elections, if no one gets at least 50 percent of the vote in one round: RUNOFF!

Here’s what the candidates report collecting in donations, roughly through the end of June*.

Shaw Blackmon
Larry Walker III
Kelly Burke
Perry/Dist 146 Total
J Max Davis
Catherine Bernard
Taylor Bennett
Loren Collins
Brookhaven/Dist 80 Total
Scott Lowell Downing
Horace Hudgins
Clay Pirkle
Sherry Miley
Ocilla/Dist 155 Total
Betty Price
Dave McCleary
James Johnson
Roswell/Dist 48 Total

And in case you forgot where the districts are:


*They filed, and probably compiled, their reports on different dates,
mostly in the first week of July, so I’m not entirely sure there aren’t some July
donations in some of these numbers.

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