Legislature honors 3.3k people, passes 831 laws, trashes 1.5k bills

The state Legislature uses mountains of paper every day. Multiply that by 40 days and that’s a lot of paper.  What’s on those pages?

Click the graphic for a bigger and printable version.  It’s 8.5 x 11.



Update 12/17/13:

The graphic above updates a typo and correctly gives the count of debatable legislation at 2,333.

What’s an honorary resolution?

It’s a House or Senate proclamation that something or someone is awesome. Say, the first honorary House resolution of 2011 proclaimed it Georgia Tech Day. Maybe it seems odd, but it passed unanimously — these honors are just approved as a package at the start of business each day, dozens at a time. They’re filed, like, when a legislator hears about something awesome in their district and wants to honor it.

Does an honorary resolution ever fail?

Sure.  Like the one that would have honored GSU’s Young Democrats & LGBT advocacy group Lambda Alliance.  That’s the only one I can think of that got voted down.  Another handful fail because they’re filed too late.

Are there non-honorary resolutions?

Sure, a few.  Maybe, I dunno, less than one hundred?

You got your urging resolutions, like urging Congress to not cut the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program. So it makes a policy statement, but I’m not sure what Congress _does_ with an urging resolution from the Georgia Legislature.  Rumor is,  trash.

You got your resolutions to create study committees.  I’m not sure what the Legislature _does_ with its own study committee recommendations. I haven’t been watching this all that long, but it seems, mostly trash.

And you got your resolutions to put constitutional amendments to a public referendum.  These you maybe don’t have but one or two per two years.

Where’d you get this code?

Stolen completely from Mike Bostock.

Tiny tiny print:
This graphic disregards the difference b/w prefiled bills that were never

read & filed bills that failed.

It just considers those, what, 7 or 8 prefiles, as filed & failed.





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