Georgia lawmakers write 5k bills, mostly honors

The Georgia state Legislature uses tons of paper every term — only the print shop knows how much. What’s on those pieces of paper?


I will mention some legislatures limit how many bills each lawmaker can file.

And NB, “new state & local laws” might be small amendments to code, big new laws or even repeals.

Anyway, these numbers are necessarily a little +/- for a few reasons:

1. The content of a dead bill, or two or three of them, might be edited into a successful bill.  So, it’s not like “one bill filed” = “one idea that goes through the process.”  You can have a many-to-one relationship.

2. Of the honorary resolutions, some are simply the House and Senate versions of the exact same thing.

3. I may have made mistakes or you may disagree with my categorizations.

Like,  “Debatable legislation” includes anything policy related:

– Well, regular bills
– Study committees, including those that only need to pass one chamber
– Constitutional amendments
– Urging resolutions because they clearly indicate a policy position
– Road namings

OK, maybe road namings sound honorary, but many are filed and few pass. I think it’s because when a road naming happens, somebody, maybe the lawmaker, has to pony up the cash for a sign. So … road namings are not a simple undertaking.  But if you wanted to consider them honorary, I could see that too. There are a few dozen filed. Of those, maybe a dozen or so get edited into one or two successful omnibus road naming bills.

Read the code on bl.ocks, if you want. The code is commented but the graphic is unannotated.

As usual, big thanks to the folk behind D3 and Stack Overflow.

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