If Georgia's budget were $1
(Instead of $42,374,896,219)

by Maggie Lee
Sept. 4, 2014

Georgia's total budget is $42,374,896,219 for the year ending in June, 2015.

$18,738,793,140 of that is state money: the taxes on purchases and income me and you and companies make to the Georgia taxman.

$12,184,984,411 is federal money passed through Georgia's budget. A lot of that is matching funds they send when we pony up some cash as well.

$11,451,118,668 comes from 'other' sources. That includes fees for service, like tuition payments to colleges and universities

Check out how boring the original data presentation was, pages 34 and 35.

This treemap was made with D3.js and mostly lifted from Mike Bostock's canonical example.