Bankroll: the Dems and Rs in Georgia

How Lefty or Righty is your favorite company or PAC, roughly?

Donations to Georgia Democrats, Republicans, 1/1/12 to 10/8/12, more than $199

↓ change this to “601” and hit return or it doesn’t work!

Flip your political spectrum and dig Dem donors at the right, GOP at the left, roughly.

And those orgs in the middle too that donate to both sides.

It’s thrown off by that yellow recipient called the Georgia Republican Senate Caucus Promotion PAC, which our friends at PP compare to a big middle finger from Senate Republicans. Basically, donors donated to the Georgia Republican Senatorial Trust, who then passed most of it on to the Caucus Promotion PAC, which then spent it on seven guys, the seven Senate GOP incumbents who had primary opposition.

Notes: Data is from Georgia Ethics commission with following search criteria:

Donor: Any

Received by: Any organization with “Democrat” or “Republican” in its name


Date: 1/1/12 to 10/8/12

Donations: greater than $199

(If it was _all_ donations, it would be too many dots.)


Don’t know the PAC abbreviations offhand?  Why would you? Decode them at Atlanta Unfiltered.


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