Atlas of Georgia Government

Atlas of Georgia Government

Need or want to learn what Georgia government does?

State government probably has more to do with your day-to-day life than the federal government.

So here’s a 40,000-foot-view of what your state government does, translated & interpreted from jargon to English.

Click on it to zoom in.

Yes, it’s hard to read on the screen because it’s designed as a poster!!1!! #DataViz #Infograpic #DataArt #Buzzword

So grab your checkbook, your mamma’s purse or your spouse’s wallet and this artwork is yours, to enjoy in person.

Click here to order your very own at Cafe Press.

Or click below to read online:

final cafe press dimensions 1106

Fine print:

This tree layout comes from Mike Bostock’s D3 JavaScript library. It’s powerful, yet simple enough for reporters to understand.
That is, reporters with help.
Thanks to:


The most interesting man in the world, Mr. Dashing D3.JS

The d3-js Google Group

Scott Murray, code artist

Christophe Viau

The D3 Noob, AKA D3.js Tips & Tricks

The folks at stackoverflow

And bl.ocks, for hosting D3 snippets


3 Comments on "Atlas of Georgia Government"

  1. EXCELLENT!! I posted on fb, and emailed 50 Georgia voters so they can understand just how big the full time Executive Branch is. Excellent work.

  2. EXCELLENT! I reposted on fb and emailed 50 Georgia voters so they can understand just how big the Executive Branch has become. Thanks for making the graphical depiction.

  3. Thanks for the love!

    PS, to any and all: any feedback, especially on the graphic design, is welcome.
    If it’s popular, there will be an FY 15 version.

    And now I’m looking for ideas for my next graphic.

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